The Greenpoint

Well, here I am again trying to figure out what to do with Yellow Chartreuse and Sweet Vermouth… I had dabbled with Manhattans a bit in the past, but nothing really grabbed me. Then in my searches I ran across The Greenpoint. Its history goes waaaaaay back to 2006 and the hipster Brooklyn neighborhood that it’s named after. It’s basically a take off on the The Brooklyn (which goes back as far as 1883), which itself is a take off on the earlier Manhattan. I didn’t have any orange bitters, so I substituted with a bit of fresh orange juice to give it a bit of a fruity body. Overall I have to say it’s quite nice with the herbal finish and I’m starting to appreciate sweet vermouth more and more. I used a “good” flavorful one called Carpano Antica, but I also sometimes use Dolin which a friend gave me and is quite nice but a bit milder. I may have to do more exploring with various sweet vermouths and delve into the variations of the Brooklyn too. Damn! I shouldn’t have used up my dry vermouth… I don’t really wanna buy any more…. maybe next winter…



  • 2 oz. rye whiskey (I used bourbon)

  • ½ oz. Yellow Chartreuse

  • ½ oz. Sweet vermouth

  • 1 dash Angostura bitters

  • 1 dash orange bitters (I used ½ oz. squeezed orange)

Shake with ice, strain and pour, garnish with orange twist.


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