Pere Ubu Live

Pere Ubu is one of the preeminent late 70’s art rock precursors to art rock and punk rock that everyone is supposed to know and like but most of us don’t. I knew of them back in the early 80’s, mostly due to their song “Birdies” in the film “Urgh! A Music War”:

The only other song I knew well was “Final Solution” and I can’t remember how or why I know this song so well but it’s memorable enough. So when I found out they were playing locally in November of 2017 I just knew I had to see them and I was not disappointed. Their sound was a masterful composition of noise and “avant-garage” that the rest of the art-rock post-punk world has been trying to create for a generation. Yes, they’re old and have a rotating set of members, but they have all been committed for decades to making unique sound compositions with a range of instruments including a home-made theremin hooked up to an old school synthesizer. Here’s a sample of the show I saw:

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