Ozark on Netflix

What can I say? I’m easily enticed by any series centered around “middle-aged criminal white men” as one critic put it (I added the white part). but I think that critic too easily dismisses the great acting and even better writing and prefers the easy analogies when he refers to it as a clone of Bloodline (also an amazing series). The complexities of the characters and their constantly shifting motives and loyalties make this one a true heir to the ground breaking Breaking Bad and its Netflix successor Bloodline. Jason Bateman is good, but Laura Linney is better and Julia Garner is great. Yes, I skimmed a lot of reviews about the show being a knock-off of Breaking Bad and Bloodline, but I disagree with the notion that the writing is bad. I found it to be paced not as fast as Breaking Bad and not as slow and ponderous as Bloodline – something in between and really more of a psychological thriller than a crime drama.  It’s worth watching season one if you can stand the annoying color grading that makes everyone blue-green-gray. I understand using a little for effect, but the whole show looks like a fucking underwater Instagram filter. Maybe the creators wanted them to look like they were living in the fucking lake all the time, but it’s too much – tone it down a bit!

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